Background Checks

Surprises are rarely a good thing, and they’re certainly not something we want our clients to experience. This is why MyInvestigators Private Investigators will provide you with background checks on an individual for any legal purpose. Our background checks contain information such as data from Australian court records (either criminal, civil or tribunal), social media background check, financial data and much more. Armed with our skilled nose for sniffing out data, we will search through criminal records, education and employment history, civil records, references, and more to ensure that our clients get to unmask any dark secret lurking behind subjects.



A background check investigation is similar to homework you do to maintain your knowledge and due diligence. Background checks investigations are needed for the following areas: when hiring a new employees; taking on a new tenant; making an investment; hiring a help to look after your family or located ones; or even dating. There are many other reasons background check investigations can provide useful. Our background investigations are tailored around appeasing your areas of concern, ensuring that there are no areas of doubt and assuring the overall identification of a person.

What investigating is all about