Online Honey Trap vs Physical Honey Traps.

Honey trap is an investigative practice that uses romantic or sexual relationships for an interpersonal, political or monetary purpose to the detriment of one party involved in this romantic or sexual affair. Investigators are also often employed by wives, husbands, and other partners usually when an illicit romantic affair is suspected of the “target”, or subject of the investigation

What Is An Online Honey Trap ?

An online honey trap is a technique used by private investigators to assist in infidelity investigations. Clients are now contacting private investigators to contact their spouse on social media to see just how loyal they are. Online honey trap services are now in high demand due to the significantly lower cost in relation to other honey trap scenarios – whereby a honey trap is a physical person who will approach the subject.

Catching a Cheater with a Honey Trap
Catching a Cheater with a Honey Trap

What Is A Physical Honey Trap?

APhysical honey trap involves planting a sweetened cheating prospect within reach of your spouse and then observing the relationship to see how far it will go. Honey traps are statistically successful at identifying cheating spouses and can help give you piece of mind about your significant other’s sexual misadventures without any difficulty on your part.

Catching A Cheater With A Honey Trap

According to the Australian Institute of Family Studies, roughly one in five marriages in Australia will end in divorce. While there are many reasons that couples choose to separate, cheating is a very quick way to end a marriage. Cheating spouses tend to inflict both mental and emotional distress on their partners, whether discovered or not, creating the conditions that can cause a relationship to fail. Unfortunately, cheating is not incredibly difficult to hide, and many spouses who suspect cheating will never know for sure. One of the best ways to investigate your significant other’s extra-curricular sextivities is to set a honey trap for them.

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Catching a Cheater with a Honey Trap

How Does Online Honey Trap Work?

Unlike physical honey trap setups, an online honey trap can be created and targeted in very specific manner. When private investigators consult with their clients about online honey trap services, they will ask following questions –

The information gathered through this line of questioning will aide in the creation of setting up the most reliable social media profile for the purposes of setting up an online honey trap. The aim of this process is to create a profile that the subject is most likely to respond to.

Depending on the specific person involved, private investigators have variety of methods and techniques they can implement to try and get a response.

In an online honey trap scenario all communication is recorded and provided to the client. Once the eventual flirtations and remarks are made the client will be able to see straight immediately how their spouse is responding.

The types of clients who generally employ private investigators to undertake an online honey trap investigation are those who have early minor suspicions and doubts.

Catching a Cheater with a Honey Trap

How Does Physical Honey Trap Works?

Every honey trap begins with an initial consultation with a private investigator and planning session. This introductory meeting is important to set boundaries on how far the honey trap is allowed to extend. Legally, no honey trap can be contracted to engage in sexual activity with the mark; however, the client and the investigator will want to discuss how intimate the honey trap agent is permitted to become.

Once the parameters of the assignment are established, the honey trap agent will make contact with the mark through some type of face-to-face interaction. These initial interactions will always occur in public. For example, the agent may attempt to approach the mark at a bar or in the workplace. After making initial contact, the honey trap agent will attempt to make further non-public communication in the form of either texts, phone calls, emails, or sometimes even love letters. The honey trap agent will keep detailed records of all of these communications to help provide proof of his or her findings after the assignment is completed.

If the honey trap agent is successful in maintaining flirtatious communication, the agent will propose a second, more intimate meeting. This moment is crucial because it will help determine how far the mark is willing to go. Normally, the honey trap agent will suggest meeting at a hotel. This second meeting will never actually occur, but it is used as a trick to help determine how far the mark is willing to carry on an affair. If the mark arrives at the hotel, it is a good indication that the mark intended to engage in cheating.

What is the cost and complexity?

Implementing a physical honey trap is much more complex and cost significantly more than the online option. It also involves alot more effort, Whilst surveillance and physical honey trap setups can cost thousands an online honey trap can be conducted much cheaper and can be completed much quicker.

Honey Traps Can Predict Other Instances of Cheating

If you suspect your spouse or significant other may be playing around in someone else’s bedroom, you may want to know for sure or find proof of an affair. Hiring a private investigator to set a honey trap is one good way to determine if your partner has the temperament and will to seek out other sexual partners. Cheating spouses rarely strike just once, and it is likely that if your significant other falls for your honey trap, they may have engaged in other past cheating.

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