Finding one’s true love is a sensitive issue that requires utmost confidentiality. However, some people out there have come to use the avenue of online and offline dating to prey on unsuspecting people who are in search of love and happiness. Our private catfish investigator are not only against this fraudulent act but have acquired the professional skill, through years of experience, to spot a scammer or catfish profile even from a mile distance.

Your ultimate happiness in finding that one true love is valuable to us. This is why we are passionate about finding new ways that catfishers employ to scam unsuspecting individuals of their money and personal identity details.


Since we are a customer-oriented private catfish investigator company, we will be dogged in our private investigation concerning the subjects. We know that one little mistake could and would cost you the chance to know whether your soother is a monster or a lover. We will apply our social media investigation to comb through any and every social presence of the particular individual. By the time we are through, their timeline activities, regular posts, added and tagged friends, and any other hidden and unhidden social activities would have been evaluated with the aim of detecting falsehood from the suspect.

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That’s Not All!

We have come to find out, through our research studies, that scammers in recent times have adopted new, creative ways of duping people. Our professionally acquired catfish investigator sixth sense blares when we hear of common keywords associated with fake profiles such as widowed, royalty, and so on. We also become weary of profiles that have little or vague profile information on their walls. We will use our technologically advanced technical skills to sniff out the true identification of the subjects.

Why? Because your happiness in finding true love matters to us!

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