How much does a private investigator cost?

We are an Australian based investigations company who pride themselves on integrity, professionalism, discretion and efficiency.
Our staff and contractors have a diverse set of skills and abilities, so whatever the need may be, we can assist.
We are available 24/7 and specialize in factual investigations, surveillance, process serving, person locations and background checks.

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The cost of hiring a private investigator can be expensive, but the cost of hiring the wrong private investigator can be even more so. Make sure the investigator you choose has listened to your requirements and completely understands your objectives


For all privately issued investigations a retainer is always provided up front, except for ‘No Find, No Fee’ locations where we will only invoice you upon the successful location of a subject. Our minimum retainer for all surveillance work is 7 hours and is payable before we commence any investigative work.

Fixed Fee's

There are several private investigator services which we can quote the cost on a fixed fee basis. As a rough idea, the sort of services we can quote a fixed fee for are:

Process Serving

Person Locations

Background Checks

Bug Sweeping

How does a fixed fee work? During our initial consultation we will discuss your individual circumstances, starting information provided and information sought. Following this, we will provide you with a fixed fee for our private investigator cost. The benefit of offering fixed quotes is that our clients know exactly what they’re getting and at the end of the investigation they’re not hit with a large bill shock.


Hourly Rates

To conduct factual or surveillance types of investigation we charge an hourly rate of $100. Unlike other private investigation companies, the cost of our private investigation services already factors in things like administration time and kilometres.

When choosing to go with our private investigation services, you aren’t getting the cheapest private investigators and you certainly aren’t getting the most expensive. The cost of our private investigators ensure you get professionals and are allocated an experienced operative who is most suited to your specific case.

There are a wide range of private investigators out there who will change you anything between $40 and hour an $200 an hour. Be wary when choosing a cheaper solo investigator as they likely don’t have the experience or resources to appropriately assist your investigation and, in some cases, may even significantly hinder your cause.

"The average cost of an infidelity investigation is $2,200"