How a Private Investigator Can Help Your Divorce Case

Dealing with household matters can be problematic. Therefore, it is crucial to hire services of a relevant professional such as a legal representative to aid in coping with such issues appropriately. An attorney, as aforementioned, is a significant element in matters pertaining to divorce and other domestic disputes, but has it ever crossed your mind that a personal investigator can offer even better services in such family ordeals? The team at Adelaide Private Investigators explain why it’s prudent to consider engaging the services of a professional private investigator. 

Why seek a Personal Investigator’s Services?

The major reason why seeking the services of a private investigator may appear unusual to people dealing with divorce is the fact that the majority of people do not understand what the services of a private investigator entail. In a nutshell, a private investigator’s roles extend beyond exposing relationships and discovering secrets and foreign bank accounts. Collaboration between a private investigation firm, such as Adelaide Private Investigators and a family law firm assists in developing a more robust case apart from divulging probable family secrets. The importance of this association is that the former knows where to search for information and to do so in an adequate way that does not interfere with the evidence hence it can be accepted in the court of law. The essence of acquiring information in the right manner is that there are minimal mistakes, and this will result in building a stronger case. Evidence obtained through legal means is pivotal in coming up with a strong case since only legally-obtained information can be tabled correctly.


It is of pivotal importance to note that information acquired improperly can be disadvantageous and can result in complications. Stated below are more services that the team at Adelaide Private Investigators can provide.

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Investigating Abuses

Private investigators have a role in looking into matters associated with abandonment or elder abuse. In such cases, a secret detective assesses details, inspect interactions, collect data and documents crucial information to verify a likely instance of abuse.

Property Search for Commercial Fraud

Presenting reliable and accurate information in the court of law is pivotal. Financial fraud cases, for instance, require evidence that can be substantiated,  and Adelaide Private Investigators have the necessary skills and knowledge to provide this kind of information by discreetly and lawfully executing investigations.

Identity Verification

It is normal to want to know someone better, especially if they have a close association with your family or yourself. Under normal circumstances, however, most people find it weird and inappropriate to ask too many questions about someone’s identity. Hiring a private investigator helps in discreetly gathering answers to these crucial questions about people close to you and your family.

Cheating Investigations

A private detective investigates a spouse who is suspected to be cheating. All investigations are done in absolute discretion, and the results are kept private and confidential.


Sometimes people wish they could know what is happening in different places at the same time. For instance, people wish to know what other people say or do in their absence. Adelaide Private investigators can be hired as spies to record appropriate information when you cannot watch or be present in person.

I.T Investigation

I.T. private detective experts have the necessary skills and knowledge to retrieve relevant information from devices even when the data has been erased from the gadgets. The service provided by private investigators is crucial in cases of fraud, missing property, and probable infidelity. The evidence acquired by private detectives from the devices can be presented in court and be used by lawyers to make a verdict.

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