Do you need solutions to seemingly unsolvable headaches of insurance, criminal, liability, or matrimonial investigations?
Adelaide Private Investigators deliver excellent fact-finding services that will leave no stones un-turned and a wide smile on your face.


Liability Investigations:

Investigating liability claims requires many skills, and we can assure you that we’ve got them covered. We offer a thorough development of the necessary details of the incident to decipher the circumstances of the loss. With a wealth of knowledge and professionalism, Adelaide Private Investigators will provide investigations on liabilities such as financial, auto, and premises through technological advancements soothed to handle them.

Workers’ Compensation Investigation

Equipped with an exceptional nose that sniffs out lies or frauds arising from employers and employees compensations, Adelaide Private Investigators will weed out discrepancies in claims by conducting detailed interviews and statistical analysis.

General Insurance Investigation:

We also offer our clients with a set of eyes that will look into suspicious or doubtful insurance claims with the specific aim of sieving out insurance frauds entailed in physical and psychological injuries.


Criminal Investigation:

We offer our clients investigative prowess that has over time been proven to be unbeatable in tackling the problem of distrustful acts or offenses and clearing the names of innocent persons from presumed crimes. Our team of criminal defense investigators are highly skilled in sourcing for evidence to efficiently defend our clients against criminal allegations.

Spousal Investigations/Matrimonial Investigations

Are there claims of infidelity in your marriage? Alternatively, perhaps you are in a relationship which is riddled in suspicions and unfounded claims? We are here to offer you that elusive information that will give you the peace of mind that you need.

Adelaide Private Investigators offer clients advanced technological skills and customer-friendly professionalism of engaging in social media surveillance, conducting compelling interviews, and evaluating statistical records which will air out the problem of criminal, liability, and insurance investigations.



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