Modern technology has vastly improved our abilities to find people, whether it’s a friend you’ve lost touch with, a biological parent you’ve never met, family members separated during a crisis or while seeking refuge, or survivors of disasters. You no longer need to get on a plane or pick up the phone to connect with friends and family across the country.

Websites exist for the sole purpose of reuniting separated refugee families, social media lets us search for anyone with internet access and a profile, and microwave technology helps first responders find survivors buried in rubble after a natural disaster. Thanks to the always improving technology around us, more people are reconnecting with lost friends and family than ever.

But what do you do if you’ve scoured the internet and you can’t find the person you’re looking for? Perhaps it’s a school friend who moved away before the days of high-speed internet, or maybe it’s your birth parents, hidden away by a closed adoption. You might even want to reconcile with an estranged sibling or uncle you lost touch with years ago.

How a Preventative Investigation Can Protect Your Child

You don’t have to let the limitations of the internet or public records stop you from reuniting with those you love. IQ have what you need to help you locate your lost friends and family. As a private investigation agency, we have access to information that the general public does not. Using a process similar to skip-tracing, we can search databases of job applications, credit reports, utility service records, and other records that can’t be found via a typical internet search. Our experienced and specially trained staff operate with the highest levels of integrity, care, and discretion to help you locate your loved ones in as little as fourteen days.

The Benefits of a Professional Skip Trace Investigator

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