Private investigator As
a process service

Despite what some people think much of the work that a private investigator does in ordinary and less than exciting.

For example a private investigator may work as process server, serving legal documents to people for a variety of different reasons, most of which don’t involve any danger. A Process server is simply someone who who serves legal papers to people appear in court for a given case.

Serving A Summons

Private investigators are often asked to serve a summons to appear in court on a civil matter. More often than not they serve a summons along with a complaint. The complaint could be divorce papers, or a law suit for wrong doing. In fact, serving divorce papers in one of the most common services a private investigator performs in their role as a process server. Once a person is served the divorce papers and the summons, they can hire an attorney, file an answer to the complaint and appear in court.

Private investigators who serve divorce papers or summons on other matters also file what is known as “proof of service” proving that they served the papers in a manner prescribed by law.

Serving A Subpoena

A subpoena is a legal document that requires the person being served to appear in court or produce certain documents that provides additional information in a particular legal case. A subpoena may be issued for a business's files, phone records, and other documents. It is also served to witnesses requiring them to appear in court and testify as to the truth of a given matter. Defense attorneys often use private investigators to serve subpoenas to insure that these documents are served in a timely and legal manner.

Subpoenas are court ordered documents and therefore are often referred to as a court serve.

When Process Serving Goes Beyond The Ordinary

There are times when process serving goes beyond the ordinary. Sometimes, a civil case takes so long to prepare that potential witnesses move away. Other individuals simply want to avoid being served a summons and a complaint so they hide out or try to avoid being served. In such cases, a private investigator uses their investigative skills to find the person and then serve them. This sometimes means the private detective has to talk to family and friends of the person being served or go through public records. In some cases, surveillance also needs to be conducted to find where the person is living or hiding out.Private investigators are chosen by attorneys and even individuals (in cases like divorce) to serve the legal documents because these trained professionals know how important it is to serve legal documents in a manner prescribed by law. Failure to properly serve a summons or a subpoena can result in information not being able to be used in court, a person not being held responsible for an accident they caused, or a case being dismissed entirely. None of which the court, the attorneys or individual involved want to see that happen.

Private Investigators Build Their Reputation On A Job Well Done​

Private investigators and their agencies build their reputations on a job well done. Any private investigator who does not serve legal documents such as summons, complaints and subpoenas in accordance with the law earns the reputation of being a poor investigator and therefore is not likely to be hired for other cases such missing persons, cheating cases, or insurance fraud cases. They also are not likely to last long in the business. That doesn’t mean that every private investigator or agency is created equally and there are agencies that have a better reputation than other agencies and these are the agencies most people want to turn to when hiring the services of a private investigator.

What Makes One Investigator or Agency Better Than Another

There are several things that makes one private investigator or agency better than others. One thing is the amount of experience the investigator (s) have and their dedication to the job. When it comes to performing certain tasks that private investigators are expected to do there is simply no substitute for experience. In addition, a private investigator works for a client so they need to be sensitive to the feelings of their client as well as the issue they are being ask to resolve. Although a private investigator performs a professional service they still need to show compassion for those who employ them.

The success rate of a private investigation agency is also important. No one wants to hire an investigator to find out if their spouse is cheating only to spend money and get no definitive answer as to whether their spouse is cheating or not. Nor do you want to hire someone to find a missing person, only to have them fail 9 times out of 10. You want to hire someone who is successful at what they do.
Last of all you don't want to hire a private investigator who charges over the top rates for their services. While most people know that hiring an investigator isn't going to be cheap, they don't want to fleeced by the person they are depending on to aid them in some manner.

What To Look in A Private Investigator Your Hire

Whether you are a professional attorney looking for a private investigator to serve a summons or subpoena or an ordinary individual seeking the service of a PI on some other matter there are certain things you should look for when hiring a private detective.

How many years have they been in business. The longer a private investigator has been in business in a given area the better the chances are they are good at their job. They simply couldn't stay in business if they were satisfying their clients.

Do they come across a courteous professional? You want a private investigator that presents themselves in a professional manner both in person as well on the phone.

Are they open about what they will do to help solve your problem? Most good private investigators are willing to tell you the steps they will be taking on your behalf. A private detective who is too secretive should raise a red flag.

Are they willing to discuss their fees up front? Most people want to know what they are going to charge for any service and services provide by private detectives when serving legal papers or performing some other task should be no different.

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