Many businesses that caters to individual customers fail because they do not provide their customers with the a good experience. If you have been getting a lot of negative reviews on Yelp, social media or are receiving a good deal of customer complaints yourself then chances are good that you are not meeting your customers needs or expectations. Failing to properly cater to your customers will not only cost you your current customers, it will also prevent you from gaining and keeping new customers as well and can lead to the failure of your business.

That is where our Secret Shopping “ Integrity Services” can help you to save your business and help it to grow. We do this by identifying problems inside of your business and providing you with detailed solutions to resolve those problems quickly and effectively.

Types of Businesses We Can Help With Our Integrity Services

We can provide services for any business to consumer style business regardless of size. This includes (but is not limited to)

What We Do

Depending on your needs and the negative comments you have been receiving we can either come into your business as a customer or as a new employee. We then look at your business through objective eyes and make note of everything, both those things that you are doing right and those areas where improvement is needed.

Here are some specific things we will take into consideration.

Cleanliness of Your Establishment

Customers want to conduct their business in a store that is clean and comfortable. Cobwebs in corners, piles of clothing left in dressing rooms, and dirty wash rooms can lose you customers even if you are doing everything else right. So one of the things we will do is to look at the cleanliness and organization of your establishment and how well things are maintained on a daily basis.

Employee Interaction and Conduct With Customers

We also take a look at the entire service you provide and the conduct of your employees dealing with the public. Are your employees friendly and knowledgeable and willing to answer questions about your services or products? Do they conduct themselves in a professional, but personable manner? Do they offer their services to help customers or do they tend to ignore customers completely or hoover to much?

Equipment Checks

If you have a busy that requires customers to use your equipment (such as bowling alleys or skating rinks) then we will check out the condition of your equipment and whether or not there is enough to meet to meet customers needs. ( such as do you have enough bowling shoes in popular sizes)


Once our investigation is complete we will submit a complete report to you that tells you exactly what is working and what is not and tell you how to correct any problems we find. Some corrections we may suggest may include such things as:

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If we go undercover as a new employee we will look at such things like the training we receive and how well our job is explained to us, and if the person doing the training is patient about answering questions and making sure that things are done correctly. 

We will also check out things such as the employees all working in a manner that promotes or harms your business and looks at things such as waste, etc.

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