Surveilliance Equipment and
private investigoters

We’ve all seen those movies where the daring P.I. Sneaks into houses, motel rooms and back rooms of restaurants and bars to plant that electronic bug or hidden camera to catch that cheating spouse or bad guy in the act. The truth is that real life private investigators does none of these things. We don’t routinely break the law in the course of our jobs. While we do use cameras including video cameras that could be referred to as spy cameras in the course of our job, we use them in public places where the individuals we are watching has no expectation of privacy. In other words we follow the law. If we didn’t the material we gathered would not be admissible in court and we could be sued when for violating the subjects privacy. No one would benefit from a private investigators illegal use of a spy camera or listening device to collect evidence. Not the Private investigator, not the clients, and certainly not the court who would have to throw any such evidence out.

A Good Private Investigator Doesn't Have To Resort To Illegal Surveillance​

The truth is that a good private investigator doesn’t have to resort to illegal surveillance in order to help their clients and get the information that is needed. For example, a cheating spouse often meets the person they are having an affair with in public places such as restaurant or bar. Cheating spouses also don’t seem to hesitate engaging in PDA on public streets and other places all of which we can legally take pictures of. There is no need for us to plant hidden cameras in someone’s favorite motel room or result to illegal bugging. In other situations, we can gather necessary information through legal searches of public documents and good old fashion physical surveillance.

Because we know that are times that the evidence we collect will be used in court we are scrupulous about making sure than any evidence we gather is done through legal and above board means. We also document all of the evidence we collect to ensure that there is little doubt about when and we where we collected that evidence.

Our sole motive as private investigators is to serve our clients to the best of our abilities and to provide them with best possible services we can provide. We don’t take short cuts or short change our clients in any way. And the simple truth is, that we can get the results our clients expect without using any illegal means.

Why People Have A Misconception Regarding Private Investigators

The fact is that most people have a misconception regarding private investigators and the work that they do. Part of this misconception comes from all those Private eye television shows and movies that have around for decades. These fictional P.I.s are often retired policemen, orrelated to policemen and often turn to them to get information that others do not have access to.

In reality most private investigators have no more connection with the police force than ordinary citizens. In addition, even if we do have a friend that works for the police they would never consider giving use information that would be vital to one of their open cases. That just doesn’t happen.
Real private investigators also don’t bribe people to give them information, instead we use our with, charm and our training in interview techniques to get information from witnesses. We also have access to the same public records that you have access too, but have training or experience in finding those records and gleaming important bits of information from these legal to access documents.

In other words a private investigator is just an ordinary citizen with some training and in most all cases a private investigators license. The rest of our talents come from years of experience in the field, not from special connections or from engaging in illegal means.

What You Should Do If You Think Someone Is Using Surveillance Equipment To Spy On You

Once someone realizes that they are being bugged, photographed, or videoed without their consent their first reaction is normally anger or fear. Their next reaction is to remove that hidden spy equipment out of their home.

Some people may buy bug sweeping equipment and learn how to find hidden cameras from the Internet and attempt to find and remove this equipment themselves and in a case where this is an issue between spouses this may be a good move.

However, if this is a case of stalking you don’t want to attempt to remove the equipment yourself, but should call the police because not only will they find and remove the equipment they need to be alerted to the stalking situation so that they can take legal steps to find the stalker.

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