With the high rise in crimes, marital and spousal infidelity, employee dishonesty, and insurance fraud, Adelaide Private Investigators  promise to offer you the facts and proof that you need concerning the people or claimants you trust in your home, at work, and even with your child or children. We are a customer-oriented investigation company that has mastered surveillance techniques which enables us to easily shed light on any and every suspicious act we encounter.


Spousal Surveillance

You never know what dark skeletons are hidden by your spouse until it is too late. Adelaide Private Investigators  understand the emotional nature of pre-marital or marital surveillance and are able to handle, with the utmost professionalism and understanding, the delicacy of such matters.

Catching a Cheater with a Honey Trap

Child Surveillance

We are a private investigation company know that there is nothing more painful to parents than unknowingly leaving their child/children in the care of monsters. This is why we are passionate, through our surveillance investigation, to root out suspicious habits, hobbies and character traits of nannies, neighbours, opposing parents and other suspects which may later prove injurious your child(ren).

Employee Surveillance

We are aware that having a distrustful employee is a headache that no employer wants or needs. This is why Adelaide Private Investigators  will efficiently monitor the activities and inactivity of the subject(s) with the aim of providing conclusive evidence to the satisfaction of our clients. Adelaide  Private Investigators will provide, through modern technologically, advanced surveillance skills and equipment, audio, video, or documentation evidence that will dispel the dangers of slander or libel.

Insurance Surveillance

Dishonesty through insurance fraud is an epidemic which Adelaide Private Investigators  will help clients get rid of. Our highly trained private investigators are experienced and equipped in applying overt and covert investigation to shed more light on the particular incidence in question. We will conduct surveillance investigations on insurance claims and workers compensation with the aim of rooting out the truth or falsehood behind the said claims.

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